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"A strong inovative element in the project is its promotion of the economic emancipation of refugees and other migrants by using their knowledge, skills and earlier experience while sensitising environment/society to the potential of their integration through creating a cooking and language based social cooperative (social entrepreneurship shape...


A guide through socio-economic rights of refugees


 All refugees are guaranteed the attainment of their rights without discrimination based on race, religion or country of origin. This publications brings an overview of refugee rights and warns us about the difficulties of their implementation.  


First 10 years of the asylum system development


July 2013 marked the ten year period since the passage of the first Asylum Act in Croatia. The asylum system was created as a response to the alignment of Croatia's legislative and institutional framework to the instruments of international refugee and humanitarian law with a purpose of recognising and protecting refugees that seek protection in...


Integration policies and practices in Croatia


This publication is a contribution to the development of one of the possible successful models of integration policies and a safe, open and just integration system for refugees and persons under subsidiary protection that are living with us in this society, and for those that are yet to arrive. We welcome them. 


The experiences of asylum policy advocacy in Croatia


In a world full of deep societal, political and economical divisions, it is extremely important to build dimensions of human security and freedom which have been neglected and forgotten. It is more important than ever to manifest solidarity and make our societies open, and by our own words affirm the values of non-violence, culture of dialogue a...