Tastes of home have been investigated and recorded over several years. For over ten years we are meeting people in search of safety and happiness. Some of these stories about the search for a better life have been recorded in this book. Through the culinary workshops and public presentations of culinary specialities, as well as through creation of a cookbook "A Taste of Home" and recording the eponymous documentary, refugees speak out about the reasons of their exile through gastronomy. Each of the recorded stories were shared voluntarily and in order to protect the identities some names have been changed.

The entire project took place in recent years in conjunction with a program of Peace Studies by the Centre for Peace Studies, within the mentoring group that was part of the course "Migration and Asylum" and "The emancipation of cultural pluralism in the times of exile", as well as in collaboration with a group of volunteers who provide support in the integration of refugees and the development of the asylum system in Croatia. A valuable contribution to shaping and promoting A Taste of Home came from Fade In.

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